Litter Alert: I-580 and Altamont Pass in California visited the great state of California during the middle of March, 2004. We visited the Altamont Pass Windfarm only to find a massive quantity of litter at a rest stop off of I-580. This litter dump was found about twenty feet from a $1000 Fine for Littering sign. California could raise some easy money by placing an undercover cop at this location and start fining those who litter.

Litter Patrol: Tamarisk Shoe Tree in California re-visted the Tamarisk Shoe Tree to see how it look after experiencing a on fire. It was sad to the see the hearty tree in such a sorry state. It may be best for the Tamarisk Shoe Tree to go away because the desert around it is full of litter. I am clueless as to why anybody would smash their toilet to pieces. Some people are starting to paint graffiti on CA Hwy-62. [Graffiti is one of the more disgusting forms of litter.] It would take multiple days to clean-up the Tamarisk Shoe Tree; therefore, did a token pick-up.

Author: Gerald D.Thurman []
Created: 19 March 2004