Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming

During mid-July of 2003, I took a road trip through the great northern plains of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

The northern plains do not suffer from a litter problem; none the less, they do contain litter. was so inspired by the beauty of the great northern plains that it had to do small litter patrols in each of the four states visited.

Litter occurs everywhere -- even at a remotely located Montana cemetery.

One part of our travels was along US Highway-2 (which is also called the Great Northern Highway). I stopped the car to take a sign picture and discovered some Montana litter. I needed a break from driving and did a quick litter patrol.

North Dakota in mid-July 2003 was nothing but heavy doses of Mother Nature. Neil Young sings "It's all one song." In ND, it's all one scenic view. North Dakota litter.

I've never visited the eastern half of South Dakota, but the western part of the state is great fun. Most of the litter found in SD is probably the result of out-of-state visitors. South Dakota litter.

Wyoming -- the least populated state in America -- doesn't have a litter problem (unless you think cows are litter). Even though it was a Wednesday, walking around Sheridan during an early AM had me singing Kristofferson's Sunday Morning Coming Down. Wyoming litter.

Author: G.D.Thurman []
Created: 27 Jul 2003