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The United States has a litter problem.
Litter Here, Litter There, Litter Everywhere

Litter Patrol sign on Hwy-101 in Oregon.
[litter patrol sign]

Litter alert along I-40 at NM-146 in New Mexico.

San Diego had 11,000 calls to its "Hold On to Your Butt" hotline during its first year. [08 August 2005]

Litter patrol across from the Trianon buiding in East Hollywood, California.
{ before} { after} [04 July 2005]

USLitter.org patrols Utah's Arches National Park. [08 June 2005]

USLitter.org has renewed its domain name for another year. [23 May 2005]

USLitter.org was in New Mexico and did a quick litter patrol upon exiting the state. [17 March 2005]

USLitter.org returns to California's Tamarisk Shoe Tree. [21 December 2004]

USLitter.org finds litter in Pittsburgh, PA. [mid-Nov 2004]

USLitter.org congratulates West Virginia for their tough litter laws.[mid-Nov 2004]

USLitter.org visits Pennsylvania. [mid-Nov 2004]

USLitter.org visits Idaho.

USLitter.org does a quick litter patrol in Utah.

USLitter.org visits Virginia.

USLitter.org finds litter at Altamont Pass in California and
picks-up litter at the Tamarisk Shoe Tree. More... [mid-March 2004]

USLitter.org has the honor of patrolling the Great Northern Plains. [mid-July 2003]

USLitter.org finds litter in the Oregon Outback (Desert). [30 May 2003]

USLitter.org visits the southwest deserts of California. [16 March 2003]

USLitter.org cleaned-up litter in Alpine, TX. [23 December 2002]

USLitter.org picked-up beer cans on a San Diego, CA beach. [27 November 2002]

USLitter.org patrolled the Tamarisk Shoe Tree, CA. [11 November 2002]

USLitter.org found litter on the Freedom Trail in Boston, MA. [04 October 2002]

USLitter.org finds litter in Castroville, California.

USLitter.org:: Litter Alert::Tamarisk Shoe Tree.

USLitter.org has a scenic view ruined by litter in Texas. [see bottom left corner]

USLitter.org encounters litter at Kansas border. [right-side]

USLitter.org is based in Arizona.
Arizona has a litter problem.
AzLitter.org:: Learning About Litter in Arizona