Chapman Chevrolet Litters Tempe with Signs

It was a Saturday AM and we were heading to Casey Moore's for an early lunch. For a long time, Chapman Chevrolet has had a location at Baseline and McClintock in Tempe. While driving downtown, these signs were found at the corner of Baseline and Mill. There were also signs at Mill and US-60, but we didn't take a picture. Upon returning home we saw these signs at Baseline and Rural. stopped at Chapman Chevrolet to ask them why they were littering Tempe with their signs. Chapman Chevrolet is on the southwest corner of Baseline and McClintock. Upon arriving at this corner we found these signs on the southeast corner and these signs on the northeast corner (AzLitter knocked them over), and these signs on the northwest corner. Chapman had a slave holding these signs on their (i.e. southwest) corner.

The manager at Chapman Chevrolet played dumb saying he didn't know they signs all over town and that he would get to bottom of it so that it never happens again. Upon hearing this, collected these signs from the corners at Baseline and McClintock and returned them to Chapman Chevrolet.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 12 May 2006