Patrols Section #12 of Tempe's Town Lake

On Saturday, 20 March 2004, participated in the 2nd annual Adopt-the-Lake Spring Clean Up. is responsible for section #12. picked section #12 because it is the smallest adoptable section of Tempe's Town Lake.

We had a sunny AM for the clean up and it took us two hours to do our section. extends a Thank You to the City of Tempe and the Economic Development Rio Salado Project for allowing us the opportunity to participate in a litter event for our hometown of Tempe -- a 2003 All-American city.

section #12: west end at Rural Road ... east end that ends with the sidewalk
litter along Rural Road ... used baby diaper
hiding burger king cup ... hiding cigarette lighter
some of our bags ... a plane overhead
Tempe Adopt-the-Lake ... Town Lake Adopt-the-Lake

Author: Gerald D.Thurman []
Created: 20 Mar 2004