Styrofoam Litter Invades a Target Store

On Thursday morning at 8:30am I was on my way for a breakfast meeting at Randy's in Scottsdale. I drove west on Baseline passing by the Target store located on the NE corner of Baseline and McClintock. A bag of styrofoam had busted open and there were little pieces of styrofoam all over the place.

Later that day around 3:00pm I passed by the Target store and the styrofoam was still there.

The next morning (Friday) I received a phone call from a friend telling me that the stryofoam was still there. This was a call for action; therefore, suited up and headed to the Target store. I decided to walk through a park because I was optimistic that the litter detail would last about an hour. It was 10:00am.

My optimism waned when I hit the corner of Baseline and McClintock because I immediately encountered some styrofoam that had blown down along the road. The real mess doesn't start until further east down the road.

The first batch of litter was not bad, but then a litter explosion was encountered.

Amazingly not all of the styrofoam escaped their bag, but a lot of them did as evidenced by the following collection of pictures.

{litter} {litter} {litter} {litter} {litter} {litter} {litter}

At about the 2.5 hour mark in the clean-up I went into the Target store seeking help. The manager was a jerk. He was unaware that the front of his store was suffering from a huge litter problem and he refused to walk outside to take a look. When I described where the litter was, he told me that it was city property and that it wasn't Target's responsibility. The fact that it was directly in front of his store didn't matter. I asked him to call the city to see if they could send help, but he was too busy to make a phone call. The jerk (oops manager) asked me why I cared and told him I lived in the neighborhood and he should visit for details. Prior to leaving the store, I warned the jerk (oops manager) that his store and this story were going to be posted to the WWW. He didn't care and I was sorry I wasted my time on him.

While walking back to the street I encountered a Tempe police officer driving through the Target parking lot. I asked him if he would call the city and see if they could send help. The friendly officer got out of his car and walked out to the street to take a look. He said he would call, but that the chances of them coming out on a Friday afternoon were slim.

After a total of 3.5 hours, I had captured most of the styrofoam as evidenced by the following pictures.

{no litter} {no litter} {no litter}

While picking up styrofoam, found a lost Target cart in the US Bank parking lot. I witnessed a red pick-up truck intentionally back into the cart knocking it over. I guess they found that to be fun. Regardless, felt sorry for the cart and returned it to the Target parking lot. didn't have the energy to get all the litter and many pieces of styrofoam remain free to be litter. A breeze will come along and the styrofoam that will blow away and become litter someplace else.

Author: Gerald D.Thurman []
Created: 19 December 2003

Shame On Target

During the afternoon protesters gathered in front of the Target store (but on city property) reminding us that this is America. The Protesters are saying Shame on Target because they claim Target is using illegal immigrants to help remodel their stores. Given how Target ignored their litter problem, I would not be surprised if these protesters are correct in their claims. Note: the protesters welcomed the opportunity to get their picture taken and have it posted on the WWW.