Garage Sale Sign Litter

I like to walk around my hometown during the heat of the day. These walks are always full of litter.

It was a hot afternoon in August when I decided to take pictures of litter located along the west-side of McClintock. My walk would take me from Guadalupe north one mile to Baseline.

The bus stop on the northeast corner of McClintock and Guadalupe always has litter and it usually has a grocery cart or two. [How about an Adopt-A-Bus-Stop program?]

I don't know why public hearing signs are not taken away once the Public Hearing is over.

We are approaching the primary reason for the walk; garage sale signs that are placed on corners and never taken away. I learned that two different sales took place last weekend. There was a paper sign and a box sign.

We continue north to another corner is littered with a paper sign and a box sign. The box sign had a concrete brick in it.

I turned around and returned to Guadalupe snapping a picture of an illegally placed sign.

Author: G.D.Thurman []
Created: 12 Aug 2003