Litter Alert Found on Siesta Lane in Tempe

Ray (dog) and I (LitterHacker) were out for a walk when we encountered a litter alert on Siesta Lane in Tempe. Our guess is that somebody placed this box of cards in a can and the transfer from can to truck didn't go well resulting in this litter patrol.

The litter patrol resulted this box of cards. We were lucky there was minimal breeze and that Siesta Lane has minimal traffic.

The cards were from Dream Palace. The cards said they were good for a "free cover with card" for anybody 18 or over. called the Dream Palace to have fun with them, but I got hung-up on. LitterHacker wasn't going to say anything about the litter this time, but he doesn't like getting hung-up on.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 06 October 2006