Our Courts Say Political Signs are Good

Hutson or Shaw; Yes or No on General Plan 2030
Why Knaperek and Thompson political signs?
[name recognition for dummies]

My daughter and I went to vote and there were political signs at the parking lot entrance. This was no surprise, but I was surprised to see political signs for Knaperek and Thompson. I alerted Lakes management about the signs and drove home to get my digital camera (I had an AzLitter.org story because AzLitter considers political signs to be litter). Prior to my return the extras signs had been taken down and I missed a picture opportunity.

It took guts for the Lakes to touch the political signs. [I don't touch the damn things.] I asked if I could take pictures of the downed signs and they gave me the okay. {Knaperek and Thompson} I was told by the people running the voting location that Knaperek put her manually edited sign up first and when Thompson saw this he put up an old sign from 2002. Knaperek is running for something in which voting occurs later this year on September 7th.

On my drive home I passed a voting location (southeast corner of Guadalupe and Lakeshore) that had a Knaperek sign, but no Thompson sign. Further down the road I passed another voting location (southwest corner of Guadalupe and Country Club Way) that had political signs from both Knaperek and Thompson.

Bottom-line: political signs are visual spam.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman [gdt@deru.com]
Created: 18 May 2004