A Saturday Political Sign Story

I was going to ignore political signs, but political signs are litter and they cannot be ignored.

The southeast corner of McClintock and Guadalupe in Tempe has a litter problem. Cahill and Hallman are running for mayor and they are allowed to put political signs on this corner; however, a couple of businesses have decided that they too are allowed to post signs on the corner. I fail to understand why the corner is littered with a Howard Dean sign. {view ... view ... view} [Note: I would have fixed Cahill's sign, but AzLitter.org does not touch political signs.]

I decided to walk north on McClintock to see if more political signs could be found. My search did not disappoint. Political signs were found on a fence surrounding a vacant building and as a vacant lot of visual spam.

When taking the picture across McClintock, I noticed the lot had a garbage bag littering it. AzLitter.org feels political signs are litter and these pictures demonstrate how well political signs and litter go together. {view ... view ... view ... view ... view}

At the end of my walk I encounted Hugh Hallman himself. He was displaying political signs, but they were on a cool 1931 Ford truck. I took a couple of pictures and emailed them to Mr. Hallman.

{Hallman #1 ... larger ... largest}
{Hallman #2 ... larger ... largest}
[Update::01 March 2004]

Politicians enjoy subjecting us to visual spam with their political signs, but they also like to spam our U.S.A. mailboxes with stuff. The other day Hugh Hallman sent out a flyer and it was fun to see an AzLitter.org supplied picture on the bottom-left corner of the flyer.

Author: G.D.Thurman [gdt@deru.com]
Created: 07 Feb 2004