People Like to Walk Dogs...
...Dogs Like to Poop

During a 23 October 2002 clean-up of our adopted street, we observed a significant increase in the amount of poop located along the side of the side-walk. Now that cooler weather has hit the Valley of the Sun, I suspect more people are taking their dogs for walks. "Everyone Poops" and this includes dogs.

I decided to do a story on poop litter so the Litter Patrol returned the next day to take pictures. The plan was to walk the entire one mile stretch road and take a picture of every dog dropping encountered, but this plan was quickly aborted for two reasons:

If you are into ugly stuff, then here is a directory listing of poop pictures.


If you are getting ready to potty train a kid, then I'd like to recommend the book Everyone Poops.

Author: G.D.Thurman []
Created: 26 Oct 2002