Craperek Political Signs Are Everywhere

The motto

	Litter Here, Litter There, Litter Everywhere
must also be Laura Kraperek's motto when it comes to her political signs. It seems no matter which direction you look, you can find a Craperek political sign.

Political signs are Litter.

Political signs are visual spam.

If political signs are going to remain legal, then politicians should agree to pick-up the litter around their signs (let's say 100 feet in all directions).

Here are pictures of a Craperek sign surrounded by litter.

Important Note

The Kraperek political sign discussed in this document was illegally placed and a call to the Tempe Code Compliance Manager at 480.350.8076 had to be made. On a follow-up call, I was told that Kraperek was instructed to take the sign down. Her sign is down, but the poles remain. Upon closer inspection, we see that her sign is on the ground with the rest of the litter.

Author: G.D.Thurman []
Created: 03 Sep 2002