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On 03 June 2004, AzLitter.org quit its political sign effort.
Political signs are litter.

Political signs are visual spam.

Political signs are attention thieves.

Political signs insult our intelligence levels.

Political signs should not be allowed on city property.

Many political signs are legally placed on city property, but some politicians don't hesitate to place their signs in illegal locations.

Political signs on private property is not litter. Private property owners are free to exercise their freedom of speech. City property belongs to all of us who live in the city. I'm not allowed to put up signs on city property -- why should politicians? The city of Tempe has tough sign-age laws -- why are these laws ignored for politicians?

If you live in Tempe, then you can report illegally placed political signs to the Tempe Code Compliance Manager at 480.350.8076.

Political Signs: Stories and Pictures (some politician names are morphed for fun)

Author: G.D.Thurman [gthurman@azdot.net]
Created: 04 August 2002