Some Renters Like to Litter

The city of Tempe is nearing an election and one of the issues is Tempe's increasing number of rental properties especially near the Arizona State University. Renters generally don't adopt the pride-of-ownership attitude that many property owners practice; consequently, rental properties can become dumpy.

I live in a nice Tempe neighborhood that is about four miles from ASU. The house next to mine is a rental and a new group of renters have started calling it home. I only know the following few items about the renters.

  1. they are college students
  2. they like to party
  3. they like to litter

[Update] These renters have picked-up their litter, but it took them a week to do so. In addition, some of their litter made it onto street and into other people's properties. I suspect some nearby homeowner complained to them.

Author: Gerald D.Thurman []
Created: 08 Feb 2004