Arizona Republic Does a "Quick Hit" on Political Signs

[update::03 June 2004]
Our Legal System Says These Politicals Okay

	Sunday, 30 May 2004; Arizona Republic Viewpoints Section
	One of the "Quick Hits for the Day" by Dan Nowicki

Nowicki starts off his Quick Hit will the following quote.

"The mild nuisance of political campaign signs is a pretty benign trade-off for free speech."

One problem with Nowicki's Free speech reference is that this form of Free speech is limited to politicians; I can't go out and put up signs like they do and neither can Nowicki.

I'd also like to mention that when it comes to political signs there is not much "speaking" taking place. Most political signs say nothing more than a name (and maybe a three or four word motto). In some cases politicians put their mug shot on their political sign and the really dumb politicians put pictures of their family units.

Political signs are litter and visual spam. Political signs may be a form of Free speech, but we are not all Free to use signs the way politicians do. Nowicki is correct when he says political signs are a "nuisance." In his case they are only a "mild" nuisance, but a nuisance is a nuisance and advocates outlawing political signs.

Nowicki ended his Quick Hit with the following observation.

"Signs for the upcoming Maricopa County elections already are sprouting."

And Nowicki is correct. Maricopa County elections take place on Tuesday, 07 September 2004, yet Pacheco and Schweikert have political signs up on Tuesday, 01 June 2004 -- which is more than 90 days away from election day. The City of Tempe says in Section VII of their Sign Regulations says that political signs "shall not be displayed more than 60 days prior to a specified voting day." { Regulations [scroll down to bottom]}

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Author: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 01 Jun 2004