Politician Signs are Litter


Politician Craperek (oops, I mean Knaperek) found a small piece of property that belongs to the City of Tempe where (via a loop-hole) it is legal for a politician to put up a sign. A Tempe police officer thought it was illegal, but the Tempe Zoning Department says it is okay. Too bad Craperek didn't pick up some litter after she put up her sign.

Not Legal

Politicians Moleria and Brewster (oops, I mean Molera and Brewer) litter illegally. They puts signs up on an island that separates Price road at Guadalupe. The island is awashed with litter, but Moleria and Brewster must not have noticed it. I have four pictures.

Brewster #1  |  Brewster #2  |  Moleria #3  |  Moleria #4
It is now Tuesday, 06 August 2002. Brewer took down her sign, but Molera's is still up. I don't understand why Tempe police don't take the sign down.

Tempe is Willing to Help

If you see a politician sign in Tempe that you think is litter, then you can call the Code Compliance Manager at 480.350.8076

Author: G.D.Thurman [thurmunit@inficad.com]
Created: 29 July 2002