Arizona Republic and Downtown Phoenix

About the Arizona Republic

The Arizona Republic has written numerous articles about the litter problem in the state of Arizona. For this, I say Thank You.

I was curious if the Arizona Republic was all talk and no action; therefore, I ventured to downtown Phoenix to see what the litter situation was like around the building that the Arizona Republic calls home.

Overall, the sidewalk area around the Arizona Republic building was clean. The other side of street was messy and there were lots of cigarette butts laying around.

About Downtown Phoenix

Here is a Phoenix garbage bin on a Monday morning. It is located across from the America West arena. If a strong wind comes along, then garbage is going to be blown everywhere.

For the most part, downtown Phoenix was not too messy. For those of you who don't get downtown very much, here is a directory listing of some pictures.

Upon returning to my car, I stopped for a drink at Ed The Hotdogger. Ed was so friendly that I ended up trying a hotdog and the hotdog was so good that I created a tiny website for Ed The Hotdogger.

Author: G.D.Thurman []
Created: 29 July 2002