Litter Alert at I-10 and Hovatter Road (Exit #53)

On Wednesday, 22 December 2004, I was driving from California to Tempe on I-10. I exited at Hovatter Road to stretch my legs and encountered a serious litter problem. did a quick litter patrol of two bags, yet lots of litter remains.

About Dome Rock Road (Exit #11)

The Dome Rock Road I-10 is 42 miles west of Hovatter Road (and 11 miles east of the California border). On the northside of I-10 we discovered large litter.

About Gold Nugget Road (Exit #26)

The Gold Nugget Road I-10 exit is about 27 miles west of Hovatter Road. stopped at Gold Nugget Road to take in a scenic view, but the view was marred by large litter.

Previous Litter Alert Against Ave 75 E (Exit #69)

On 11 November 2002, issued a Litter Alert against the I-10 and Ave 75 E. The Ave 75E exit is 16 miles east of Hovatter Road.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 02 Jan 2005