Coronado National Memorial is Litter Free
Litter Alert Issued Against Arizona Highway-83

The Coronado National Memorial, which is located along the Mexico border in central Arziona, does not have a litter problem. I went for a one mile hike and I did not encounter a single piece of litter. I can't even recall seeing a cigarette butt. This place was pure Mother Nature.

I started my drive home feeling good about not finding any litter at the Coronado National Memorial; however, my good feelings were short lived when I discovered litter problems along Arizona Highway-83.

I was driving north on AZ Hwy-83 heading for I-10 when I stopped to take a picture of a scenic view. Sadly, I discovered litter that included a huge oven. I decided to pick-up a bag of litter that consisted mostly of bottles and cans.

A few miles further down AZ Hwy-83 I found a nice road side table that was missing a garbage can. It sure needed one. There was a collection of litter here and litter there. did not have time to pick-up the litter at this road side table due to lack of time. Plus, the litter pick-up would have been complicated by the fact that most of the litter was on the wrong side of a barb-wire fence.

Author: G.D.Thurman []
Created: 04 Oct 2003