Partners with the Chandler Justice Community Court

Update [30 March 2004] In a few days, will comment about the Chandler Community Court in response to a story printed in the 30 March 2004 edition of the Arizona Republic.

Update [11 February 2003] The Chandler Justice Community Court has shutdown until further notice. This means an end to our Saturday Litter Patrols. From a litter perspective, this is sad news for the city of Chandler because the Community Court has picked up a lot of litter since mid-summer of 2002. I want to extend a huge Thank You to Judge Ron Johnson for practicing and promoting civility.

Posting When the Court was Shutdown has allocated 66 hours "helping" the Litter Patrol for the Chandler Community Court CEP (Community Enhancement Program). Thanks to Judge Ron Johnson for this excellent opportunity. The next Litter Patrol will be Saturday, 15 February 2003 beginning at 6:00am. [pictures] Hopes the Community Court Returns

Author: G.D.Thurman []
Created: 10 May 2003