It's Just a Butt, but It's Litter

Are you an eccentric? That is what I am asked by a student who is smoking their last cigarette before entering into class. I am busy picking up cigarette butts out of a collection of medium sized rocks. [Hidden Litter]

"Nope... I'm just learning about litter." is my reply. I tell them to visit and they say that maybe they will suggest their company adopt-a-highway. The student observes that the area needs yet-more-cigarette bins. I make it clear to them that SCC is a beautiful campus that is clean, but it does suffer from hidden litter.

They go to class and I resume picking-up cigarette butts.

On Thursday, 20 february 2003 (2 weeks latter), I glance out my office window and I see the student pick-up a cigarette butt and dispose of it in a bin.

Next Tuesday I will award this student with a small Artie Artichoke doll. I will tell them that the doll only cost a few dollars, but that the dollars go towards student scholarships.

One student picks-up one piece of litter and gets rewarded with an Artie Artichoke doll. In addition, some other student gets a small dose of financial aid. Plus, everybody -- including you and I -- are Free of a piece of litter.

Author: G.D.Thurman []
Created: 21 Feb 2003