Adopt-A-Campus @ Scottsdale Community College
Proposal: Artie Artichoke's Litter Patrol (AALP)

Scottsdale Community College (SCC) is a beautiful campus and for the most part it is free of litter; however, I encounter pieces of litter every time I walk to and from my office.

During the course of a day, visitors to the SCC campus leave behind litter items such as cans, bottles, plastic cups, paper, wrappers, empty cigarette boxes and cigarette butts. [Cigarette butts are the number one form of WWL (World-Wide-Litter).]

I would like to see an Artie Artichoke Litter Patrol (AALP) formed that would be responsible for the following.

The AALP motto: Learning About Litter.

AALP members can wear a special pin or or hat or t-shirt that "advertises" they are members of the Artie Artichoke Litter Patrol.

The AALP is a volunteer organization with participation counting as community service.

The AALP hopes that members who leave SCC to attend other academic institutions will participate in litter related programs at those campuses (or help start programs if they are not already in place). [Note: at A.S.U. they have an Adopt-A-Mall program.]

Longer term, the AALP could participate in off-campus programs such as Adopt-A-Highway, Adopt-A-Street and Arizona Clean and Beautiful. I can vision AALP members visiting K-12 schools and teaching young people about our litter problems.

Learning About Litter requires time and energy. Getting involved with litter can result in rewarding experiences. Litter offers an opportunity to turn a negative (litter) into a positive (a world free of litter).

Author: G.D.Thurman []
Created: 24 Oct 2002