Off To Take a Political Sign Picture

On Tuesday, 22 October 2002, the Litter Patrol walked to the Fry's Marketplace located on the north-west corner of Guadalupe and McClintock. Our objective? To take a picture of a political sign located in in a questionable spot. I wanted to know if the political sign was on Fry's property, but the manager at Fry's didn't know. I considered calling the Tempe Code Compliance Manager, but the regular person is out of town and the substitute didn't seen to give a crap when I called him about some other political signs that I thought were illegally placed. I'm not sure why the Fry's manager couldn't tell me anything, but she did re-direct me to some corporate service center where I spoke with somebody in Ohio who thought I was nuts.

The Litter Patrol picked-up lots of litter on its trip to the political sign. Here is a directory listing of pictures.

Author: G.D.Thurman []
Created: 23 Oct 2002