AzLitter Patrols Tempe Papago Park on 02 September 2005

During August of 2005, TempeHiker encountered lots of litter while hiking Papago Park in Tempe. TempeHiker's find resulted in an Alert.

On 2 September 2005, did a quick patrol of Tempe Papago Park. The quantity of litter was too great for a one person patrol; therefore, a second Alert has been issued.

Tempe Papago Park offers many scenic views and from a distance you don't see any litter. But upon closer inspection, the scenic views are polluted by litter and more litter and more litter. There is a litter can here and a litter can there, but most of the litter doesn't make it into the cans.

On this particular patrol, we encounter erotica litter to graffiti to pizza box litter.

Again, Tempe Papago Park has a serious litter problem and AzLitter's two bag pick-up didn't even come close to making the park litter free.

Litterman: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 02 September 2005