AzLitter Patrols Price Road on President's Day 2005 did a 3-hour litter patrol on President's Day 2005 (21 February).

The patrol started with Dr. Pepper and Pepsi litter followed by a beer can in a bush followed by a coke can in a bush.

Cheba Hut litter made us hungry for Cheba Hut.

A lone flower shares space with a lone styrofoam peanut.

Red Stripe in a bush.

Some plants are full styrofoam.

Lawson Creek in a bush.

Somebody must not have been happy with their happy face beach ball.

Budweiser in a bush.

This only seems appropriate... a Busch in a bush.

Blue and yellow go nicely together... Pepsi cup in bush.

Disgusting litter... a condom.

Bushes must need energy drinks... Gatorade in bush.

I suspect we picked up a dozen empty cigarette packs during a 1-mile stretch of road.

Do bushes like wine?

Even baby plants can hold styrofoam hostage.

Somebody got full and tossed their left-overs in a bush. patrols the westside of Price Road in Tempe. { looking south ... looking north}

Two years ago (2003) on President's Day, patrolled the Tom Mix Memorial.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 21 February 2005