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LitterHacker is Gerald Thurman of Tempe, AZ.
LitterHacker morphed into LitterZombie on 10 July 02011.

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LitterZombie agrees with the city of Pacific Beach, California: Beaches and streets are not ashtrays.

[10 January 02015]

AzLitter turned 12 years of age on 10 July 02014. LitterZombie celebrated the anniversary to doing a litter patrol at a spot that had become a temporary home to about five homeless people. It took two hours to fill two bags and the cleanup is half done.

[10 July 02014]

[9 July 02014]

The AzLitter.org brick was still part of the Standin' On The Corner Park in Winslow, Arizona, on 15 February 2014.

[18 February 02014]

[02 February 02014]

LitterZombie visited Optimist Park in Tempe to catch an Arizona sunrise. He came across litter left over from a kiddie party, so LitterZombie did a five minute litter patrol.

Kiddie Party Litter (two pictures/two 30-second videos)

[15 February 02013]

LitterZombie couldn't help notice cigarette butts at Scottsdale Community College, so he picked them up.

[17 January 02013]

Litter comes in many forms.

[17 January 02013]

Scottsdale Community College became a smoke-free campus during July 02012; however, it's going to be a while before the campus isn't littered with cigarette butts. Last week I made a video documenting the cigarette butt problem, but I didn't do a litter patrol. Yesterday (2 October 02012) I did a litter patrol.

[03 October 02012]

Scottsdale Community College became a smoke-free campus during July 02012; however, it's going to be a while before the campus isn't littered with cigarette butts.

[28 September 02012]

LitterHacker came across algebra book litter on 29 June 02012. Two days later he encountered Hustler magazine litter in his Tempe neighborhood. LitterHacker took the math books home, but he disposed of the Hustler magazine.

[01 July 02012]

LitterHacker saw a serious graffiti problem the last time he spent time wandering Tucson, Arizona. The blight is going to get worse before gets better.

   City [Tucson] reducing contract to fight graffiti 
   http://bit.ly/ssWaL1 via AzStarBiz Daily Newsletter

[25 October 02011]

LitterHacker came across this piece of litter while taking a walk in Tempe. He thought it was a good assignment, so he took a picture of the litter before disposing of it. Kudos to Mrs. Helms.

[23 October 02011]

This picture was taken at Scottsdale Community College.

[23 October 02011]

[10 July 02011]

It all depends on how you define incredible, but LitterHacker does find it somewhat incredible just how much litter humans produce. {BusinessInsider.com::An Incredible Satellite Tour Of 15 Trash Dumps That Are Bigger Than Towns}

[19 February 02011]

Although LitterHacker doesn't do litter patrols anymore, he has renewed the AzLitter.org domain name for another year.

   Dear Customer,

   This is confirmation of the renewal of the domain you registered
   with Gandi :


    Your domain has been renewed for 1 year(s) without error. The new
    expiration date is: 2011-07-07 23:39:08

Borrowing from Bobby and Shirley Womack (and the Rolling Stones)... "Because I used to hate litter, but it's all over now..." [Ditto that for graffiti.]

[06 July 2010]

Yikes! The AzLitter.org "Adopt-A-Street" sign has bene graffitied. The sign is on S. Price Road in Tempe, Arizona, just south of E. Baseline. {video clip}

[23 October 2009]

According to the Arizona Republic, litter patrols "can't keep up with visitors' 'pigsties'." The Republic article was timely because LitterHacker was getting ready to post something about the littery San Carlos Apache Reservation.

AzCentral.com::News::Trash piling up in Arizona's forests

[23 August 2009]

The AzLitter.org domain name has been renewed for another year. AzLitter.org was created on 8 July 2002 (i.e. seven years ago).

Here's a joke: Did you hear about the dog that gave birth to puppies near the road? It was cited for littering.

[08 June 2009]

From the "sad, but true" department... It has been more than two months since something was posted to this blog. [Note: A couple of weeks ago LitterHacker did report some graffiti to the Tempe.gov website and the graffiti was promptly removed.]

[08 June 2009]

LitterHacker just finished reporting a graffiti problem that he just discovered at Gaicki Park in Tempe, Arizona. He used an online form located on the Tempe.gov website. LitterHacker is noticing more and more graffiti within his Tempe neighborhood and he is clueless as to how to combat it.

[30 March 2009]

Wow... LitterHacker reported some graffiti on February 7th and it was gone on February 9th (see the next posting). Kudos to the city of Tempe for helping keep our city free of graffiti.

[11 February 2009]

LitterHacker reported four instances of graffiti that has been hanging around for weeks. He visited the Tempe.gov website and reported the following.

   "There is an alley with a cement walkway that connect Optimist Park 
    with Gaicki Park. There is graffiti on cable boxes on both sides of 
    the walkway across from Optimist Park along Kenwood.  If you walk 
    west about 100 yards down the walkway, there is graffiti on utility 
    boxes on both sides of the walkway.  In other words, this report is 
    reporting four instances of graffiti."

Maybe AzLitter.org should be renamed AzGraffiti.org...

[07 February 2009]

There has been two pieces of graffiti on a vending machine on the Scottsdale Community College campus for months. I have spoken to SCC personnel about the graffiti on five different occasions, but the graffiti lives. Last year, I walked past the vending machine while it was being serviced and I talked to the guy about the graffiti and he said they would do something about it--he didn't. . On 5 February 2009, I talked with another guy who was servicing the vending machine about the graffiti and we'll see if he does something about it. [Side-bar] I don't think SCC is removing the graffiti because the vending machine is not their property.

[05 February 2009]

Wow... just two days ago (Jan. 28th) AzLitter.org reported graffiti that was on a utility box located next to Fuller Elementary school in Tempe, Arizona. LitterHacker walked past the utility box today (Jan. 30th) and the graffiti was gone! Coincidence? Doesn't matter because bottom-line the graffiti had been removed.

[30 January 2009]

A few days ago LitterHacker noticed graffiti on a utility box located adjacent to Fuller Elementary school in Tempe, Arizona. Today (2009.01.28) LitterHacker checked to see if the graffiti was still there and it was. Upon returning home, LitterHacker filed a graffiti report using the Tempe.gov/graffiti online form. Given this graffiti is next to an elementary, let's hope the city of Tempe is quick at removing it.

[28 January 2009]

LitterHacker was walking to his car at the Fry's grocery store located on the southeast corner of McClintock and Guadalupe roads in Tempe, Arizona. It was about 6:30pm and he noticed graffiti on two pay phones located outside the store. He had seen the graffiti a couple of weeks earlier, but did nothing about it. This time he turned around and went back into the store to speak with a manager. The employees couldn't find the manager in a timely fashioned so they queried LitterHacker as to why he wanted to the manager. LitterHacker told them about the graffiti on the pay phones and they (the two employees) said they would let the manager know. Only time will tell if Fry's decides to remove the graffiti.

[27 January 2009]

Two weeks ago LitterHacker reported a graffiti problem to the city of Tempe (via the Tempe.gov website). Today (2009.01.25), LitterHacker walked along southbound Price Road and noticed that the graffiti had been removed. Kudos to the city of Tempe!

[25 January 2009]

AzLitter.org hasn't done much with litter lately, but LitterHacker is still trying to allay our graffiti problem. While taking a walk on the afternoon of 2009.01.12, LitterHacker discovered that almost every light pole along a section of southbound Price Road in Tempe had graffiti on it. In addition, a speed limit sign had graffiti and the signs at the bus stop had been graffiti on them. AzLitter.org reported the graffiti using the http://tempe.gov/graffiti/ webpage form.

[12 January 2009]

It's not even close... AzLitter.org proclaims David Schweikert and Laura Knaperek as the King and Queen of political signs in Tempe. We didn't think anybody could out do Knaperek when it comes to littering the community with political signs, but Schweikert has proven us wrong. Schweikert and Knaperek should stop trashing Arizona!

[11 August 2008]

AzLitter.org has turned six years young. The website was installed on 10 July 2002.

   AzLitter.org 'whois' data:
   reg_created: 2002-07-07 19:33:32
       created: 2002-07-08 01:39:09
       expires: 2009-07-07 23:39:08

LitterHacker recently renewed the the AzLitter.org domain and it now expires on 7 July 2009.

The following is a copy of AzLitter.org's first posting from July, 2002.

Ben Franklin once said that "the money that makes money makes more money." Here is a litterized version of his quote.

The litter that makes litter makes more litter.
Example. A beer bottle is a piece of litter that needs to be disposed of (either thrown away or re-cycled). In some cases the beer bottle is disposed by tossing in to Mother Nature. When this happens, the beer bottle becomes "official" litter that somebody has to pick-up. In some cases, when the beer bottle is tossed, it shatters when it hits the ground. Now there are multiple pieces of litter requiring picking-up. Picking-up broken glass is not fun. [example picture]

LitterHacker doesn't pick-up much litter these days, so we are not sure how much longer this website will exist.

[10 July 2008]

The SoutheastEditorials blog at AzCentral.com had a posting titled "Stealing campaign signs is non-America." Naturally, LitterHacker (as user id Gerald9588) had to post a comment.

   posted by Gerald9588  on Jul 3, 2008 at 05:59 AM 

   I don't touch the signs, but I applaud those who do.  I fail 
   to see why politicians have the legal right to trash Arizona.  
   Political signs are legalized litter.

   If political signs are "free speech," then everybody should be 
   allowed to put up whatever signs they want.  Why do politicians 
   get to legally litter our community?

   Political signs might be legal, but they are also litter, 
   visual spam, and an indication that our politicians are 
   stuck in the 20th century. 

Note: The Arizona Republic has been reporting about how political signs are being stolen in Ahwatukee.

[3 July 2008]

The Arizona Republic has been printing articles about the graffiti that is found in all parts of the Valley of the Sun. On 13 June 2008, the Southeast Editorials blog at AzCentral.com had a posting titled "SE Valley must gain control over graffiti." The comments that were posted in response to the editorial basically said the Arizona Republic was making a big deal about nothing and that prompted LitterHacker (Gerald9588) to post the following comment.

   posted by Gerald9588  on Jun 13, 2008 at 08:26 AM 

   To BCharles:  Tempe has lots of graffiti.  Drive the 
   Loop 101 between Guadalupe and University and chances 
   are you'll find graffiti.  Walk down 5th St. from Mill 
   Ave. to Hardy and if you look for it you'll see graffiti.  
   Speaking of Hardy, drive from the US Hwy-60 to 5th St. and 
   you'll see lots of graffiti.  I don't get to Mesa too often, 
   but a few days ago I saw some huge (inappropriate term) Police 
   graffiti at the treatment plant located on the SE corner of the 
   Loops 101 and 202.  That sure makes a person feel safe when 
   they enter Mesa via the Loop 202.

   I agree with Sabate in that "most folks around don't give a 
   crap about tagging" and that is huge problem.  I want to give 
   "Thanks" to the Arizona Republic for trying to alert residents 
   that graffiti is a serious problem that is afflicting all parts 
   of the Valley of the Sun.

AzCentral.com replaced the word "Fuck" with the phrase "(inappropriate term)"; however, there is nothing inappropriate about it because the graffiti was huge and it said "Fuck Police."

AzCentral.com::SE Valley must gain control over graffiti

[13 June 2008]

LitterHacker has been doing some driving around Tempe the last few days and he was suprised to see Julie Jakubek was still littering the city with her political signs. The general election was held on 20 May 2008, yet we saw Jakubek's trash on 4 June 2008.

[5 June 2008]

Almost every city in the Valley of the Sun is suffering from graffiti. The city of Tempe has a serious problem on the walls of the Loop 101. Maybe we would have less graffiti in our neighborhoods if graffiti criminals had easier access to railroad cars.

[31 May 2008]

RoadHacker went on a 701 mile roadtrip from Tempe to Payson to Camp Verde to Cottonwood to Clarkdale to Jerome to Ash Fork to Seligman to Kingman to Lake Havasu to Poston to Tempe. He saw lots of litter, but he also noticed that a lot of the "Adopt-A-Highway" signs were available.

[31 May 2008]

The East Valley Tribune's editorial staff don't know litter when they see it. From 20 February 2008...

   "There's growing hostility in the East Valley toward a fundamental 
    part of our political process, one that reflects we still live in 
    a relatively free country -- the right to place signs on prominent 
    street corners to promote political causes and other matters."

AzLitter.org fails to see how political signs are a form of speech. If they are, then let everybody put up signs.

AzLitter.org says "KUDOS" to all cities working on eliminating the litter that is caused by political signs.

[21 February 2008]

LitterHacker was wandering the beautiful campus of Scottsdale Community College and he encountered Molly who was busy picking up litter. Molly is with SCC's Center for Native and Urban Wildlife (CNUW), which is devoted to helping "maintain, enhance and restore public and private open space areas to benefit native and urban wildlife diversity." CNUW also does a great job "educating citizens concerning the value of natural desert habitats, native biodiversity, and their importance to humankind." AzLitter.org extends a huge THANK YOU to Molly and CNUW for caring about litter.

[29 January 2008]

It is 2008 and the City of Tempe continues to suffer from a serious graffiti problem. In addition, Tempe wanna-be city council members continue to litter the city with their mind-numbing, visual spam, political signs.

Political signs and graffiti go together like love and marriage...

Navarro graffiti/litter ... Mitchell graffiti/litter

LitterHacker reported this S. McClintock graffiti to the Tempe.gov website on 3 January 2008. We hope the city of Tempe does not leave it up the property owner to remove this disgusting graffiti.

With respect political sign litter, there is nothing that can be done to keep people like Navarro and Mitchell from trashing our community. If Tempe is the "smart place to be," then our city council members should be able to get elected without using political signs. Political signs are a tool used by 20th century political dinosaurs.

[03 January 2008]

LitterHacker will not be voting for some litterbug named Navarro for Tempe City Council.

We were driving north on McClintock from Warner to Elliot to Guadalupe and every intersection was littered by a Navarro political sign. Tempe is supposedly the "smart place to be" and we need leaders who are smart enough to get elected without littering our community with political signs.

Election day is 11 March 2008. In other words, Navarro started littering Tempe at least 85 days prior to election day.

From Tempe.gov: "Any questions regarding political campaign signs should be directed to Jeff Tamulevich in the City's Commercial Code Compliance Office at (480)350-8441."

Navarro would take down his political signs if he cared about Tempe!

[17 December 2007]

Kudos to the town of Gilbert for considering a ban against door fliers. AzLitter.org posted the following comment to EastValleyTribune.com.

   "Leaving stuff on door knobs is a form of littering; 
    consequently, the companies that litter our properties 
    should be fined accordingly."

Gilbert has tried banning door knob littering before, but failed. Let's hope they have better luck this time.

There are times when door knob spam falls the ground and LitterHacker ignores it. Over time, the wind causes our litter to become someone else's litter.

[12 November 2007]

On 11/2/2007, LitterHacker was driving the Cajon Pass in California and he stopped to do some hiking in the San Bernardino National Forest. You would think hikers would respect Mother Nature enough such that there would be no need for programs like Adopt-A-Trail.

[02 November 2007]

Litter is disgusting, but graffiti is even worse. A couple of weeks ago there was massive amounts of gang-like graffiti along the Loop 101 in Tempe. LitterHacker reported the graffiti and it was removed, but on 9/21/2007 two new globs of gang-like graffiti can be found along the Loop 101 in Tempe. LitterHacker is aware that ADOT is probably responsible for keeping the Loop 101 free of graffiti, but they seem slow with respect to doing their job. Bottom-line: Tempe has a serious gang-like graffiti problem along the Loop 101.

Tempe.gov:: Reporting Graffiti

[21 September 2007]

LitterHacker was walking through Mitchell Park in Tempe and he came across a peace and love litter can.

There's lots of new construction in Tempe and construction sites are breeding grounds for graffiti.

[9 September 2007]

LitterHacker found a very cool Every Litter Bit Hurts! litter can along the Pikes Peak Highway in Colorado. The litter can read.

   Don't Be a Litterbug
   Keep America Beautiful
   Every Litter Bit Hurts!

[6 August 2007]

Some forms of litter can last for a long time. For example, wool socks last 1-5 years; tin cans can survive for 50 years; glass bottles can live for one million years and so on. LitterHacker got this information from a Please Don't Litter sign found in Seven Falls of Colorado Springs.

[6 August 2007]

There was a 3 August 2007 AzCentral.com blog posting titled: "Tempe gets trashed." The posting started with "Price Road, the access road for the Loop 101, between Broadway Road and Southern Avenue in Tempe Friday morning - apparently the result of a box of rubbish falling from a vehicle." The posting prompted LitterHacker (Gerald9588) to post the following comment.

   Gerald9588; Posted: Aug 4, 2007 at 6:31 AM

   The Loop 101 from the northbound Guadalupe on-ramp north through 
   Tempe has always had a litter problem. When the state allocated 
   more monies for litter control, there were more litter patrols 
   on the Loop 101. These days I don't notice the litter at all; 
   however, I do notice that the litter patrols seem to be excessive. 
   In other words, they are always picking up litter along the Loop 101. 

   I'd like to add that picking up litter along the Loop 101 is a 
   dangerous job. The people that are doing it are risking their lives.

[4 August 2007]

On 3 August 2007, the front-page of the Arizona Republic had a report about Arizona's increasing litter problem. According to the Republic the "amount of trash picked up on Phoenix-area freeways grew 182 percent from 2001 to last year, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation." Needless to say, this was not new news.

[3 August 2007]

During July of 2007, LitterHacker let the USLitter.org domain expire (i.e. he decided not to re-register the domain name). All USLitter.org content will eventually be merged into AzLitter.og

During early-July of 2007, LitterHacker found a litter sign at the Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona, that had a bee saying: Don't be a Litterbug. Help keep this plant clean.

During mid-May of 2007, LitterHacker found a litter sign near Alliance, Nebraska, that read: Feed the can, man! Cuz littering just isn't cool.

[3 August 2007]

On 15 June 2007, a litter alert was issued along the northside of the Loop 202 in Tempe's Lo Piano Habitat. And, on 20 June 2007, a litter alert was issued for "The Grove" located in Tempe across the street of the Center For the Arts

[20 June 2007]

Hayden Butte Park in Tempe has a major graffiti problem.

[21 April 2007]

On 9 April 2007, Arizona Republic blogger Katie Nelson blogged about Tempe's "Alley Reconstruction Program." The goal of the program is to "remove debris and install recycled asphalt pavement. Both efforts --maintenance and reconstruction--improve the appearance of our community, reduce dust and enable our sanitation staff to collect refuse safely and efficiently."

Gerald8100 (i.e. AzLitter.org) posted the following comment.

   Tempe's alleys are a great source of litter. They should be
   gated at both ends to hold the litter hostage, but since the
   garbage collectors don't get out of trucks, the litter will
   be set free when the gates are opened. I've never had a problem
   with dust from the alleys, but the litter is a major annoyance.

Repeat: Tempe's alleys are a great source of litter.

[10 April 2007]

Kudos to the city of Scottsdale for banning political signs in public spots. Now the city of Tempe needs to follow Scottsdale's lead. Arizona politicians won't stop trashing Arizona on their own; therefore, cities need to take action and that is what Scottsdale did. AzLitter.org finds it amusing that people use the 1st amendment to defend the use of political signs. They are worried that banning political signs will result in the banning of other speech. Unlike political signs, most speech don't result in litter. In addition, these same first amendment defenders probably don't say anything about political correctness, which erodes our freedom of speech more than anything.

On 3 June 2004, AzLitter.org quit its efforts to rid Arizona of political signs. Sadly, just like cigarette smoking, AzLitter.org has found quitting this effort difficult. With summer only a couple of months away, AzLitter.org is going to re-commit to battling Arizona's litter problem. Political signs are joke and AzLitter.org needs to say whatever to them. [21 March 2007]

It appears as though the Scottsdale City Council wants to do something about political signs in Scottsdale. A Scottsdale-based blogger at AzCentral.com posted an item titled: "Can someone say potential lawsuit?" The posting prompted AzLitter.org to comment.

   AzLitter.org says Kudos to Scottsdale. Now Tempe should follow 
   their lead when it comes to saying "No" to political signs. 
   Political signs violate Arizona's "Don't Trash Arizona" program 
   because political signs are litter (and visual spam). Only 20th 
   century political dinosaurs use political signs. Politicians of 
   Arizona: Take down your signs and keep them down. Don't think 
   signs--think Internet and think 21st century political informatics.

GDT (i.e. the person behind AzLitter.org) has been allocating time promoting 21st century Informatics. [05 March 2007]

RoadHacker took a drive out to the Superstitions. While stopped to take a picture of a scenic view, a litter alert was discovered. There was litter here and litter there. AzLitter.org did a quick two-bag litter patrol, but lots of litter remained. [25 February 2007]

RoadHacker did a roadtrip to Bouse, Arizona. While in Bouse, he found a Thank a Vet litter can at Bouse's Monument Row. In addition, one mile southwest of town, a litter alert was found at the Bouse Homesite. [05 January 2007]

Two Tempe police officers caught two guys littering, but they let them "rap" their way out of a littering fine. This is difficult to believe given Tempe has a litter problem. People who get caught littering need to be fined.

Somebody named Savannah posted the following to E.J. Montini's AzCentral.com "Plugged In" blog. "Why would anyone care about this? Is this really a big deal? Tempe Mayor is a dipsh*t!" The blog posting prompted the following reply by LitterHacker.

   "Why does anybody care? Because litter is ugly and the entire 
    state of Arizona has a litter problem. Littering is unlawful. 
    If somebody is caught littering, they must be fined!"

   "With respect to Hallman being a "dipsh*t," then so am I and so 
    is everybody else in Tempe who thinks Hallman is a good man. 
    Tempe is fortunate to have Hugh Hallman as mayor. Hallman needs 
    to be pissed off about this; the cop's actions were 100% unacceptable."
[04 December 2006]

This is a old news item that I forgot to post... The city of Chandler is spending $100,000 to study litter. Interestingly, Chandler had to a hire a Washington-based organization to help with their trash study. Arizona, although it suffers from a litter problem, must be void of litter gurus. According to EastValleyTribune.com, part of the study will involve sorting through 2,500 pounds of trash per day. AzLitter.org agrees with the following two quotes: "garbage is garbage" and "everybody's trash is a bit different." {EastValleyTribune.com:: Trash tells a sorted story in Chandler } [04 December 2006]

For the second time in a span of a month, AzLitter.org issued a litter alert for Dream Palace cards. This time the cards were found littering S. Price Road in Tempe. [04 November 2006]

AzLitter.org did a quickie litter patrol when TempeHiker encountered litter while visiting Scudder Park in Tempe. {picture} {picture} {picture} We think the litter was a problem this particular day (Saturday) because of an event that took place the night before at nearby Rover Elementary School. [01 November 2006]

TempeHiker found this hopping mad litter sign at the kangaroo pen at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix. And he found this "gotcha doing the right thing" litter near Fuller Elementary School in Tempe. [27 October 2006]

AzLitter.org has noticed less litter along the Loop 101 and that is because of increased litter patrols. The increased litter patrols must be because of the "Don't Trash Arizona" program. AzLitter.org sent the following "Letter to the Editor" of the Arizona Republic.

   To: opinions@arizonarepublic.com
   Subject: Don't Trash Arizona is Working

   I drive the Loop 101 north entering at Guadalupe Road
   in Tempe.  This spot has always suffered from a severe
   litter problem; however, I am seeing a lot more litter
   patrols along the Loop 101 and it is making huge difference.
   Kudos to the "Don't Trash Arizona" campaign. Please keep up
   the great effort.

   [side-bar] Now if can only get our politicians from
   trashing Arizona with their political signs.

AzGovernor.gov:: Don't Trash Arizona

[08 October 2006]

AzLitter.org encountered a litter alert on Siesta Lane in Tempe and subsequently a litter patrol was executed. [06 October 2006]

AzLitter.org sends a Thank You to Joanie Cortright for taking an active stand against political signs. According to the Arizona Republic, Cortright put up signs protesting political signs. Cortright was able to create her own signs because she is the proprietor of "Super Signs" located at 1335 West University, Tempe AZ 85281 (SE corner of University and Priest). {SuperSigns.com} [10 August 2006]

AzLitter.org sends a Thank You to Travis Junion who is taking down his political signs. Junion is running for the House in Scottsdale's District 8. The East Valley Tribune quoted Junion saying, "Of course there's a benefit to the signs, but as a first-time candidate, I want to exude goodwill." Politicians should follow Junion's lead and take down their political signs. [10 August 2006]

AzLitter.org visited Sacaton and found lots of litter at the corner of AZ Hwy-187 and AZ County Hwy-7. The litter was everywhere and we could have spent the entire picking it up without coming close to getting it all. We did, however, do a 5-minute 1-bag patrol. Side-bar: We found this litter dump along AZ County Hwy-7. [08 August 2006]

AzLitter.org quit covering political signs on 3 June 2004, but we are having a difficult time letting it go. A 20 July 2006 posting the Arizona Republic's "Plugged In" blog was about Arizona considering giving every voter a chance at winning lottery money. The "Plugged In" posting called the idea a joke and it prompted AzLitter.org to make the following comment.

   Fact: Arizona politicians don't care if voters know who they 
   are voting for. It's a fact because of the use of political 
   signs. Politicians will trash Arizona with their political 
   signs (visual spam) in the hopes that clueless voters will 
   vote for them thanks to name recognition. "Money for nothing" 
   should be reserved for rock stars, hollywoodites and professional 

   This isn't a joke yet, but it will be if it becomes reality. If I 
   vote and win a million, I'll probably use it to move out of Arizona.

AzLitter.org probably wouldn't really take the money and run, but never say "never."

[20 July 2006]

Howard Dendurent posted a message to the Arizona Republic's "Plugged In" blog titled "I hate political signs along the road." That prompted AzLitter.org to post the following comment.

   Political signs are litter...
   Political signs are visual spam...
   Political signs are attention theives...
   Political signs are an insult to our collective IQ.

   Arizona has a new litter motto: "Don't Trash Arizona." 
   Arizona politicians should lead by example and stop 
   trashing Arizona with their political signs.

[14 July 2006]

AzLitter.org has been observing Tempe's litter problem since the summer of 2002. During April through June of 2006, AzLitter.org has spent a lot of time observing Tempe's growing graffiti problem. Now, early June 2006, it appears political sign litter is returning. {TempeHiker::Tempe:: Graffiti, Litter and a Political Sign on 06/06/06} [11 June 2006]

AzLitter.org is spending most of its time with respect to Tempe's graffiti problem. However, we did find time to re-register the AzLitter.org domain name for another year.

   This is an automatic confirmation for the renewal of the domain you
   registered with Gandi :


      Your domain has been renewed for 1 year(s) without error.
      The new expiration date is now : 2007-07-07 23:39:08

There is a good chance that we will give up the AzLitter.org domain name next year. [24 May 2006]

AzLitter.org was disappointed that long-time Tempe business Chapman Chevrolet littered town with signs on Saturday, 29 April 2006. We paid Chapman a visit to see why they did what they did, but they claimed they didn't know about the signs. {AzLitter.org:: Chapman Chevrolet Litters Tempe with Signs} [12 May 2006]

Graffiti is not litter; it is worse than litter. With respect to litter, anybody can pick it up, but there isn't much we can do to eliminate graffiti. I am seeing more and more graffiti in all parts of Tempe and it is getting more and more disgusting. { TempeHiker:: Tempe is Suffering From a Graffiti Problem} [14 April 2006]

A quick hike up Hayden Butte in Tempe resulted in the discovery of a litter can that can't take any more litter; in other words, this is a litter accident in the making. In addition, there was graffiti here and graffiti there. I suspect painting the 'A' is fun, but the side effects suck. [14 April 2006]

RoadHacker did a short roadtrip to northeast Arizona over spring break and he came home with three little litter bits.

[21 March 2006]

Optimist Park in Tempe could probably use a couple more litter cans. { Litter Can Overflow At Optimist Park In Tempe} [05 March 2006]

It is refreshing to see college students read, but leaving newspaper free to be blown by the wind is not. With litter cans only few feet away, we don't know why this type of litter is so popular. [28 February 2006]

On 4 February 2006, the Arizona Republic printed a litter related letter from Virginia of Chandler. Virginia suggested we start doing DNA testing on litter in order to find those responsible for litter. AzLitter.org had never considered this as a way to reduce our litter problem, but the idea may have merit as we continue to transition into the next era of computing. Interesting idea: Using DNA testing to catch litterbugs. Needless to say, this idea is full of "what ifs" such as "false positives" and privacy issues. [04 February 2006]

On 27 January, I was walking Ray on Country Club Way, south of Baseline, and we encountered two people who were walking their friendly dog. I observed them picking up litter while walking along and we exchanged hellos. AzLitter.org wants to extend a Thank You to these "neighbors" for keeping our beautiful Tempe neighborhood free of litter. [27 January 2006]

On 23 January 2006, AzLitter.org responded to a "Letter to the Editor" that was printed in the Arizona Republic. The letter's author was a 14 year old from Tempe named Molly who was upset about observing an adult dropping their cigarette butt on the ground. AzLitter.og wanted to let Molly know we heard her and to Thank her for caring about litter. {GDT::Speaks:: Molly Says "No" To Litter} [27 January 2006]

On 14 January 2006, the Arizona Republic reported that ADOT (Arizona Department Of Transportation) was allocating more money for litter control (including $300,000 for litter education). AzLitter.org used the Republic's story to create instructional material to help us learn about arithmetic. {GDT::BAB:: Being Free of Litter Does Not Come For Free} [21 January 2006]

AzLitter.org was happy to see that the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area has implemented an Adopt-A-Trail program. AzLitter.org would like to adopt-a-trail, but it cannot even take care of its adopted street and adopted Town Lake section. [23 December 2005]

AzLitter.org found some litter in downtown Scottsdale while attending the Runner's Den/Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon. More... [10 December 2005]

AzLitter.org has learned that writing about litter to the local newspapers doesn't do any good. AzLitter.org has also learned that blogging about litter is worthless. Despite what we've learned, words is all we have and AzLitter.org will continue to fight for freedom against litter. More... [27 November 2005]

AzLitter.org encountered a serious litter problem in the Arizona Canal located on southeast corner of Scottsdale Road and Camelback Road in Scottsdale. { another view} [26 November 2005]

On 7 November 2005, the East Valley Tribune had story about how efforts are underway to "restrict off-road motor vehicle use." The article focused on the Tonto National Forest that is near Mesa and Scottsdale. Regardless of location, my experience is that off-road motor vehicle users leave behind lots of litter; therefore, AzLitter.org supports restricting off-road fun until we learn how not to litter.

This litter, which was located along US Hwy-93 between Wickenburg and I-40 on 6 October 2005, is respresentive of the litter found at popular off-road spots. { another littered view} [07 November 2005]

Ironically, AzLitter.org lives next to a rental property that is always a litter dump. They had a party on 14 October 2005 and their litter was still there two days later.

Note: AzLitter.org wrote about this rental property during early February of 2004. [16 October 2005]

Kudos to Phoenix Magazine for doing a detailed story about the litter problems found in the state of Arizona. The title of their story was "Trashing Arizona." AzLitter.org sent the following email message to the magazine, but no reply was received.

   Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 16:43:04 -0700 (MST)
   From: Gerald D. Thurman <gdt@deru.com>
   To: phxmag@citieswestpub.com
   Subject: About Litter


   Thank You for writing about litter.


   Litter here, litter there, litter everywhere.
   Litter is a problem all over the U.S.


   Gerald "Litterman" Thurman
   Tempe, Arizona
[16 October 2005]

City of Tempe employees are driving trucks on the grass to empty litter cans located at Optimist Park. More... [16 September 2005]

AzLitter.org did a one-hour litter patrol of Tempe Papago Park, but the litter is so bad that an AzLitter Alert remains active. More.... [02 September 2005]

On 13 August 2005, AzLitter.org sent the following email message to Tempe mayor Hugh Hallman.

   Town Lake may have some of the coolest litter cans
   in the country.  Every Tempe bus stop should have
   a muralized litter can.

   With respect to litter, an Adopt-A-Bus Stop program
   could be tested where individuals assume responsibility
   for keeping a bus stop free of litter and in return
   they get a discounted (or eliminated) bus fare.  The
   users of bus stops generate lots of litter.

Mr. Hallman replied a couple of hours later with the following.

   Thanks for the comments and ideas.  I'll forward them 
   on to our transit folks. 

In response to rising gas prices, more people are using public transportation. More people at bus stops means more litter. [13 August 2005]

On 02 August 2005, AzLitter.org did a two-bag litter patrol on its adopted street (southbound Price Road between Baseline and Guadalupe). [03 August 2005]

AzLitter.org got tired of finding litter on the Tempe Mill Avenue Bridge; consequently, a quick litter patrol was executed on 19 July 2005. [21 July 2005]

Americans enjoy fast food; however, we need to learn to do a better job of disposing of our fast food stuff when we are done consuming the food. Cups, cutlery, napkins, straws, wrappers, bags, condiment packages are all common forms for litter. {AzLitter.org:: Humans Good at Generating Fast Food Litter} [09 July 2005]

The 27 June 2005 Valley and State section of the Arizona Republic had a short article about how the Phoenix Department of Transportation is "looking for more individuals, groups and businesses to adopt a one-mile section of city street." More information can be obtained by calling 602.262.4980. {Phoenix.AZ.US:: Adopt-A-Street Program} [27 June 2005]

AzLitter.org wants to acknowledge the Adopt-An-Overlook Program at the Canyon De Chelly National Monument. We consider it an excellent idea and on 05 June 2005 the north-side of Canyon De Chelly was almost "free" of litter. [09 June 2005]

The 26 May 2005 Tempe section of the Arizona Republic had a column by Dick Foreman concerning litter in Arizona. Mr. Foreman wrote the following about "litterbugs."

   "They don't read this column.  They would need someone to read it
    to them, I suspect. So this note probably does no good at all."

Mr. Foreman did not need to use the word "probably" because writing about litter does nothing to help allay our litter problem. [Ditto for Do Not Litter signs.] [26 May 2005]

AzLitter.org read how Tempe may preserve the Kirkland-McKinney Ditch located along 8th Street west of McClintock. We visited the ditch and found it has a litter problem. AzLitter.org will patrol the ditch when time permits. [25 May 2005]

AzLitter.org, while walking the dog, encountered a Stryofoam litter problem. [19 May 2005]

On 16 May 2005, AzLitter.org did a one-bag litter patrol at Vekol Road and I-8 . { before ... after} Litter patrol time and temperature.

In addition, an AzLitter.org Litter Alert has been raised at Freeman Road and I-8. Freeman Road is four miles west of Vekol Road. [17 May 2005]

The AzLitter.org domain name has been renewed for its fourth year.

   Dear Customer,

   This is an automatic confirmation for the renewal of the 
   domain you registered with Gandi :


   Your domain has been renewed for 1 year(s) without error.
   The new expiration date is now : 2006-07-07 23:39:08

The AzLitter.org domain name was created on 07 July 2002. [11 May 2005]

Litter and sports? Have you ever seen a baseball stadium immediately after a game? Lots of litter.

Hunters in Arizona have tired of encountering litter while they foot across our great state. The sports section of the newspaper had a story about the Arizona Hunters Who Care. They are hunters who care about litter. The Republic reported they were a "volunteer group dedicated to keeping Arizona lands trash-free."

Thank You Arizona Republic for writing about the Arizona Hunters Who Care. They have already picked-up lots of litter, but they know it is only a start. [11 April 2005]

A litter problem was discovered in Arizona's rim country while driving AZ Hwy-260 between Show Low and Payson. Time and time again AzLitter.org has been able to prove that Do Not Litter signs are useless. [03 April 2005]

On 15 March 2005, AzLitter.org entered Arizona from New Mexico via NM and AZ Highways 78. This border crossing is next to the Apache National Forest. The border was littered with beer bottles. One piece of litter was an empty beer case and it was used to collect the bottles. [17 March 2005]

On 14 March 2005, AzLitter.org stopped at a Salt River Canyon scenic overlook and encountered a pile of litter. A quick litter patrol was initiated and the litter was bagged and canned. [17 March 2005]

AzLitter.org has issued a Litter Alert for the rest area located Superior along U.S. Highway 60. AzLitter.org used the rest area on Monday, 14 March 2005, and encountered overflowing trash cans. We suspect the rest area is not cleaned on Saturday and Sunday; therefore, come Monday morning the trash cans are in dire need of relief. One solution comes immediately to mind: install some more trash cans. [17 March 2005]

AzLitter.org extends a Thank You to the Arizona Republic for keeping Arizona's litter story alive. More... [27 February 2005]

The Arizona Republic has requested readers to submit anti-litter slogans for Arizona. AzLitter.org submitted the following two slogans.

        Litter is Awful                      Litter is Obscene
   Littering Arizona Unlawful                Keep Arizona Clean

[26 February 2005]

AzLitter.org patrolled its adopted street on President's Day 2005. More... [21 February 2005]

I drive the Loop 101 north from Tempe to Scottsdale Community College five days a week. I noticed that the Arizona Adopt-A-Highway section of road prior to the Chaparral Road exit was available for adoption. I contacted Student Life and Leadership at SCC to see if they would be interested in adopting this stretch of highway and upon investigation they learned the following.

   Subject: Adopt-A-Highway on the 101 and Chaparral
   Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 14:43:20 -0700

   I spoke with Kate from AZ Adopt A Highway and she said that we do not
   physically clean up the highway, we will provide the funding for the
   city to take care of the project.  There is a commitment of 2 years
   that will be required of us and we will have to incur a setup fee of
   $500, in addition to the monthly charge of $400.00.  The total cost
   to Adopt A Highway is $11,300.00 for Scottsdale Community College.

SCC's Student Life and Leadership cannot afford to participate in the Adopt-A-Highway program, thus providing an example of the High Cost of Litter. {AdoptAHighway.net} [24 January 2005]

Late last month (December 2004) AzLitter.org issued a Litter Alert at Hovatter Road and I-10. [02 January 2005]

The Scottsdale Times reported that 400 people participated in a Treasures 'N' Trash clean-up event. The report indicated that the event resulted in the pickup of 5,000 pounds of "trash." Treasures 'N' Trash is an annual event that is part of Scottsdale's Adopt-a-Road Program. AzLitter.org extends a Thank You to the city of Scottsdale for keeping their streets free of litter. [15 December 2004; source::Scottsdale Times]

AzLitter.org is disappointed to see that the Scottsdale City Council lacked the "guts" to outlaw political signs. I admit to being clueless as to why a beautiful city like Scottsdale continues to allow itself to become a trash dump every time elections occur. [07 December 2004; source::Arizona Republic]

The Scottsdale Planning Commission needs to be congratulated for voting six-to-zero to do something about political signs. AzLitter.org would like to see the Scottsdale City Council vote "Yes" on this matter. Political signs are litter and visual spam. This is the 21st Century and we need to start electing politicians who don't need political signs to get elected. [20 November 2004]

The Maricopa County Community College District went crazy littering Tempe with political signs. I wonder how much money they spent visually spamming us with their "Vote Yes on Prop. 401" signs? With Wal-Mart's support, they must have had lots of money. More... [02 November 2004]

AzLitter.org is anxious for the political season to be over because political signs are causing litter alerts all over town. It is 03 October 2004 and political sign litter is rampant. [03 October 2004]

The Arizona Republic reported that the Scottsdale City Council is considering doing stuff to restrict where political signs can be located. For some reason some politicians think restricting political sign usage is a violation of first amendement rights. The city of Scottsdale needs to be congratulated for wanting to limit the litter caused by political signs. { AzCentral.com::ArizonaRepublic:: Political signs get slammed in Scottsdale } [25 September 2004]

I went to work on Friday AM and saw a litter problem on a street by my home. The litter was still a problem when I returned prompting AzLitter.org to go on litter patrol. [17 September 2004]

The East Valley Tribune awarded a BRICK to some politicians for placing political signs in un-safe locations. The paper wrote: "Voters have every justification to evaluate candidates' judgment -- and fitness for office -- based on such idiocy." The editorial prompted AzLitter.org to do yet another political signs are litter story. [24 August 2004]

On Friday, 13 August 2004, I visited South Mountain Park in Phoenix. The views at Dobbins Point were great, but the area is suffering from a serious litter problem. AzLitter.org has issued a Litter Alert for South Mountain. [14 August 2004]

AzLitter.org extends a Thank You to the Arizona Republic for doing a story about Rick Poster on Saturday, 24 July 2004. Rick Poster -- who is running for Maricopa County Attorney -- refuses to litter our community with political signs. The Republic quotes Poster saying, "I don't want to create what looks like graffiti all over town." Poster is also quoted saying political signs are "urban blight." AzLitter.org congratulates and thanks Mr. Poster for taking a stand against political signs. [25 July 2004]

I don't know why, but somebody wrote graffiti on the AzLitter.org Adopt-A-Street sign. [Note: a few days later somebody removed the graffiti from the sign.] [02 July 2004]

Earlier this month (June of 2004) AzLitter.org announced it had quit its fight against political signs. This remains true; however, today (24 June 2004) AzLitter.org e-mailed the following letter to the Arizona Republic.

   From: Gerald D. Thurman 
   To: opinions@arizonarepublic.com
   Subject: About Political Signs

   I know they are allowed to do it, but I
   don't understand why politicians think
   we want to be visually spammed all summer
   long by their ugly political signs (especially
   those containing pictures of family units).

   The Valley of the Sun is one of the most
   scenic urban areas in America, yet our
   politicians consistently litter our scenic 
   views with their mind-numbing signs.

   Politicians of Arizona:  Tear down those signs.
[24 June 2004]

AzLitter.org wants to Thank the Arizona Republic for publishing our letter on Monday, 28 June 2004.

Lots of litter was encountered on a recent visit to Coolidge Dam. Here is a picture of a Do Not Litter sign surrounded by litter. [Note: Do not litter signs do absolutely no good.] While driving home along US Hwy-70 through the San Carlos Reservation every scenic view was marred by litter to the point where we just had to do a quick litter patrol. [19 June 2004]

The Arizona Republic (24 May 2004) posted a 'Letter to the Editor' that was submitted by the Adopt-A-Highway programs coordinator for the Arizona Department of Transportation. Here are some quotes from their letter.

   "It is true that volunteer groups are not allowed
    to clean up litter along our busier urban freeways."

   "More than 50,000 bags of trash are collected along
    our freeways each year."

   "One thing certain is that each time the sponsored 
    crews collect, the area they have cleaned is often
    dirty again withing 24 hours."

AzLitter.org strongly agrees with quote number three; pickup litter along a street and hours later you can re-walk the street and encounter new litter.

Adopt-A-Highway needs to initiate an Adopt-A-Freeway-Ramp program. It is amazing the amount of litter that is found along the on/off ramps of our freeways. [18 June 2004]

AzLitter.org Quits Political Sign Efforts

On Thursday, 03 June 2004, at around 5:00pm, AzLitter.org has quit allocating time and energy into getting rid of political signs. Spammer politicians just don't give a foo about subjecting us to their visual spam and disgusting litter. (Note: AzLitter.org considers quit to be a dirty word.) [03 June 2004]

On Sunday, 30 May 2004, the Arizona Republic did a "Quick Hit of the Day" saying political signs were okay. The quick hit pointed out that some political signs for an upcoming Maricopa County election are starting to appear even though the election is more than 90 days away. {full AzLitter.org story} [01 June 2004]}

On Tuesday, 18 May 2004, the city of Tempe held a runoff election between Hutson and Shaw and we voted Yes/No on General Plan 2030. It should have been easy, but it wasn't because of visual spamming politicians. [18 May 2004]

[Update] On Thursday, 20 May 2004, the Local section of the Arizona Republic reported that Tempe's City Clerk office was "bombarded" will phone calls complaining about improperly placed polical signs. This was news to AzLitter.org because when we called the Tempe Code Compliance Manager at 480.350.8076 on Wednesday (i.e. the day after the voting) they had not heard anything about the Kraperek and Thompson political signs. [21 May 2004]

Congratulations to Salt River Tubing for participating in the Take Pride in America program. The tubing company gave away $3 discount coupons to tubers who picked up litter while floating down the Salt River. [source::Arizona Republic] {SaltRiverTubing.com:: Bag It For Bucks } {www.TakePride.gov} [18 May 2004]

The front-page of the Saturday, 15 May 2004, Arizona Republic had an article about city parks and litter. In a nutshell the article indicated soccer fans like to trash the parks in which soccer is being played. The solution to this problem is simple: Close the soccer fields until these people learn that littering is bad. The article indicated that lots of the litter left behind by these slob soccer watchers gets blown into surrounding neighborhoods. {AzCentral.com:: Cities' soccer goal: Clean up parks } [15 May 2004]

On 07 May 2004 the AzLitter.org domain name was renewed for another year.

        Created On: 07 Jul 2002 23:33:32 UTC
   Last Updated On: 07 May 2004 15:06:22 UTC
   Expiration Date: 07 Jul 2005 23:39:08 UTC
[09 May 2004]

For four days I drove by three bags of litter kindly placed under a fallen street sign. This litter was found on an island on the northwest side of Price and Guadalupe in Tempe. Our efforts were rewarded when on the walk home we encounted a cactus with flowers. [30 March 2004]

One of the best forms of community service is taking care of our litter problem. AzLitter.org sent the following to talkback@arizonarepublic.com and opinions@arizonarepublic.com.

The bishop should be required to allocate 1,000 hours picking-up litter. In a nutshell, the bishop got his hands slapped -- give him a pair of gloves to put on those lucky hands and put him to work cleaning up the Valley of the Sun.

One person can pick-up a lot of litter over the span of a 1,000 hours. [27 March 2004]

AzLitter.org had fun participating in the 2nd Annual Adopt-the-Lake Spring Clean Up at Tempe's Town Lake. Here is a short report with pictures. [20 March 2004]

Today, 09 March 2004, is an election day in many Valley of the Sun cities. Hopefully, this implies political signs will be coming down. Tempe should not allow Scottsdale political signs for/against Ortega to litter Tempe property. [09 March 2004]

[Extra] If politicians are going be allowed to litter our communities with political signs, then they should get in the habit of maintaining them. AzLitter.org claims this is litter. [09 March 2004]

On 04 March 2004, the East Valley section of the Arizona Republic ran a short story about a first grader who caught a Chandler city employee littering. This girl's action prompted an AzLitter.org response. [05 March 2004]

AzLitter.org calls Tempe home; however, I have worked in Scottsdale for over 15 years. I am surprised at the problem Scottsdale has with political signs; it is worse in Scottsdale than it is in Tempe. I am amazed that Scottsdale residents tolerate this type of political sign litter. [05 March 2004]

I went for a Saturday walk to do a short story on political signs. My outing got interesting when I encountered a Tempe mayoral candidate doing stuff with political signs. {AzLitter.org:: A Saturday Political Sign Story} [01 March 2004]

I went for a Sunday walk and ended up encountering an Arizona Republic littering the neigborhood. {AzLitter.org:: Newspapers are a Common Source of Litter} [07 February 2004]

On 09 March 2004 the city of Tempe will elect a new mayor. One of the candidates is Dennis Cahill and he has taken an early lead in littering Tempe with his political signs. I was impressed that the other candidate -- Hugh Hallman -- had not put up any political signs, but in today's Arizona Republic we learn that today (10 January 2004) is the first day political signs are allowed to be up. In other words, Cahill's political signs were officially litter. For whatever reason, the city of Tempe allowed these signs to remain up even though they were in violation of the rules concerning political signs. It must be noted that Hut Hutson, who is running for something, also violated the rules and put up political signs prior to being allowed.

AzLitter.org continues to categorize political signs as litter and visual spam. I am at a loss as to why the great and beautiful city of Tempe allows political signs to pollute our scenic views. [10 January 2004]

AzLitter.org rejects a recent study by Phoenix Clean and Beautiful that rates Phoenix 2.2-out-of-4 on some form of freeway litter scale. They say our freeways are only "slightly littered." I guess it all depends on how you define "slightly." AzLitter.org claims that the Valley of the Sun freeways are extremely littered, which is a 4 on the Clean and Beautiful rating scale. The Valley of the Sun is a 2.2 if only compared with the litter found on most Indian reservations. [09 January 2004]

Congratulations to the city of Peoria for doing something about political signs. AzCentral.com:: Political signs banned in right of way. Let's hope the city does a good job enforcing their ordinance. AzLitter.org found the AzCentral.com article humorous when it mentioned that politicians were against the ordinance because "the move will create undue hassles for candidates running for office." [08 January 2004]

AzLitter.org spent 3.5 hours picking up small pieces of styrofoam that littered the front of a Target store located on the northeast corner of Baseline and McClintock in Tempe. The Target store didn't know about the litter (they must all be blind), nor did they care once they were alerted to the litter problem. Target Store Suffers From Styrofoam Litter. [19 December 2003]

AzLitter.org continues to prove political signs are litter. I have two pictures for signs promoting a "Yes" vote on Proposition 414. The vote took place on Tuesday, 04 November 2003, yet two weeks later (18 November 2003) the signs continue to litter the streets of Tempe. [Note: When viewing the pictures, observe how litter accumulates around them. Litter has a tendency to attract more litter.]

Political signs are litter, visual spam, and an insult to any thinking human-being. [21 November 2003]

PluggedIn.AzCentral.com on 10 November 2003 had a posting titled don't get mad, report them that recommeded reporting litterbugs by calling 1.877.3-LITTER (i.e. 1.877.354.8837). AzLitter.org does not see how this will do any good, but litter in Arizona is such a problem that any effort is better than no effort. [12 November 2003]

AzLitter.org wants to extend a Thank You to KPHO television for doing a story on litter and allowing me to participate. The AzLitter.org domain name was displayed a few times and they also mentioned the USLitter.org website. I will write up a note about the KPHO experience, but for the time being I only have a few pictures. [16 October 2003]

AzLitter.org wants to extend a Thank You to the Southern Chandler Ocotillo News for running an article titled "The birth and death of Chandler Community Court." The printed paper contains a dramatic picture of the Adopt-A-Highway sign and the picture's caption was great. The Ocotillo News. [16 October 2003]

Litter comes in many forms. It seems I am seeing more and more grocery carts isolated from their respective stores and parking lots. AzLitter.org claims grocery carts are litter. [10 October 2003]

The Tucson press has had articles about how illegal immigrants trashing the Arizona deserts. Now I came across an article (which includes pictures) that comes from Yuma, Arizona. YumaSun.com::Trail of Trash. The article starts with the following paragraph.

   "Trash left behind by illegal immigrants provides a 
    map of the routes thousands have taken north. It also 
    illustrates the large amount of waste being discarded 
    in the Yuma area that isn't being cleaned up."
[07 October 2003]

AzLitter.org visited the Coronado National Memorial expecting to find lots of litter. Instead, it found lots of Mother Nature with no litter in sight. Congratulations to the rangers for keeping this a pristine place. AzLitter.org did, however, encounter a litter problem while driving home along Arizona Highway-83. More... [04 October 2003]

AzLitter.org decided to labor on Labor Day so it went for a two hour walk that resulted in a pick-up of two bags of litter. In addition, three bus stops were patrolled.

Bus stops are full of litter even though most of them have garbage cans. AzLitter.org proposes initiating an Adopt-A-Bus-Stop program. Anybody who adopts a bus stop and keeps it clean gets to ride the bus for a discounted fare. Bus stops are breeding grounds for litter. Example: I read a New Times while waiting for the bus and leave the New Times on the bench when the bus arrives. A breeze comes along and blows the New Times into many pieces of litter. [01 September 2003]

AzLitter.org would like to Thank the City of Tempe for allowing it to participate in the Tempe Town Lake Adopt-The-Lake program. AzLitter.org has adopted section number 12 which is located east of Rural road on the south side of the lake. [25 August 2003]

I go for a walk almost everyday and everyday I encounter lots of litter. One day I took my camera to take some pictures and ended up writing this story about my summer litter walk. [12 August 2003]

AzLitter.org would like to Thank the Tempe Chamber of Commerce for allowing it to help with picking-up litter on its adopted street. We picked-up litter along both sides of Apache from Rural to McClintock in Tempe. There were 3.5 people and in the span of 2 1/2 hours we picked-up 25 bags of litter. TempeChamber.org::Adopt-A-Street::It's a STREET! [02 August 2003]

The Tucson Citizen reports that illegals turn desert into trash dump . The article claims $2M (two million dollars) to be spent cleaning up a desert that should Free from litter. Here is a quote from the article.

   "An environmental specialist with the tribe, Ken Cronin, 
   says about 1,500 immigrants sneak through the reservation 
   daily. Each leaves an average of eight pounds of trash - 
   totaling six tons - a day, he said."
[29 July 2003]

The State Roundup section of the 16 July 2003 Arizona Republic has an interesting litter-related blurb.

   "The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been given
   $720,000 to help clean up trash left by undocumented 
   immigrants along the border."

AzLitter.org is Happy to see that something is being done about our litter problem; however, we are confused why the clean-up effort is in areas most Arizona residents do not live and play.

Arizona's deserts must be littery. If Congress would give AzLitter.org $720,000, then lots of litter in the Valley of the Sun would get picked-up.

I don't see what good putting up signs in the desert will do, but if we do such stuff, then we need a bilingual version of this California sign. [16 July 2003]

While walking home during the middle of a hot summer day, I found an empty poop-bag on the sidewalk. I decided to pick-up micro-litter as I walked along a landscaped alley in Tempe. Although the alley was clean, it still had enough micro-litter to fill the poop-bag. {picture #1} {picture #2} Note: Because I did not have gloves nor a litter picker-upper, butts, poop, and litter trapped in bushes was not picked-up. [11 July 2003]

AzLitter.org returned to Sacaton to pick-up litter at the Matthew B. Juan and Ira H. Hayes Veterans Memorial Park. Two bags of litter were collected; however, one of the bags was at the I-10/AZ Hwy-587 off-ramp. ...pictures... [13 June 2003]

AzLitter.org did an official pick-up that took 4.5 hours spread across two days and resulted in 10 bags of litter. The largest source of frustration: small pieces of styroform, broken beer bottles, and ripped up bus transfers. Note to bus riders: If you don't use your transfer and can't throw it into a garbage can, then don't rip it up into a bunch of tiny pieces -- they result in micro-litter that is difficult and time consuming to pick-up. [05 June 2003]

AzLitter.org had to return to the street as a result of an animal getting into one of the bags cause litter to escape. Litter attracts litter two bags were filled. Somebody stopped and talked with me because I was not wearing a safety vest -- good for them. AzLitter.org needs to get its own vest. [09 June 2003]

AzLitter.org observed Memorial Day, 2003 by honoring those who have died for our Freedoms by patrolling the northeast corner of Lemon and Rural in Tempe. When AzLitter.org arrived, a man name Greg was there collecting litter. Greg indicated he lived in the neighborhood and couldn't take the mess anymore. Nine bags of trash was collected, yet the corner remains a major source of litter. ...Pictures... [26 May 2003]

The Arizona Republic (15 May 2003) reported that the city of Scottsdale has taken actions to limit political sign litter. AzCentral.com::Panel OKs Revisions to Sign Code. The article states political signs are banned in scenic corridors; however, it fails to define scenic. The article stated that each political sign requires a list of those responsible for removing the sign. This is a moot action: If the sign says John Foo, then John Foo is responsible for its removal. The article did not indicate if politicians were responsible for cleaning up the litter that is caused by their signs, nor did it state how long politicians were allowed to keep their signs up after the election date. AzLitter.org congratulates the City of Scottsdale for taking action against political sign litter. Let's see if the City of Tempe follows Scottsdale's lead.

AzLitter.org advocates the outlawing of all political signs within City of Tempe borders. If political signs are allowed, then they must be taken down within 24 hours of the end of voting; otherwise, they become litter and the $500 litter fine must be paid. [17 May 2003]

AzLitter.org has renewed its "ownership" of the AzLitter.org domain name. The next renewal occurs 07 July 2004. WhoIs::AzLitter.org [10 May 2003]

Although we don't encounter too much litter in the form of old computer parts, the disposal of computers is a serious problem. Computers are not environmentally safe and we must exercise caution when destroying them. AzStRUT.org is Arizona Students Recycling Used Technology and it is a group that collects old computer equipment and tries to keep it running (which in turn keeps it from becoming litter). Recycled computing components are typically given to schools and non-profits. If you have computer equipment that you are about ready to throw into the garbage, then contact AzStRUT.org. [03 May 2003]

Arizona's government has changed the name of Squaw Peak to Piestewa Peak in honor of the first Native American woman to lose her life serving her country. Sadly, there are going to be many people who will always call Squaw Peak Squaw Peak and every time they do they will be dis-honoring Piestewa's name. AzLitter.org suggests that the state adopt stretches of available highway in honor of Lori Piestewa. The residents of the state of Arizona can individually honor Lori by volunteering to keep Lori's adopted highways free of litter. In addition, Lori will be remembered each time people drive by Adopt-A-Highway signs containing her name. [01 May 2003]

AzLitter.org did an official pick-up of its adopted street. The pick-up took place on Sunday, 23 March 2003 and here is a short pickup-up report. [24 March 2003]

During mid-March 2003, USLitter.org visited the southwest deserts of California and did three small litter pick-ups.

The trip to California resulted in finding a road sign that reads Litter is Obscene, Keep Your Desert Clean and we observed that the fine for littering in California is $1,000 whereas it is only $500 in Arizona. [21 March 2003]

The Monday, 24 February 2003, Arizona Republic had a short story indicating that the City of Scottsdale is putting more effort into its Adopt-A-Road program. This is great news. Information about Scottsdale's Adopt-A-Road program can be obtained by calling 480.312.4126 or by visiting ScottsdaleAz.gov::Adopt-A-Road. [28 February 2003]

AzLitter.org received an e-mail message from the webmaster at the No Butts Bin Company requesting that we provide a hyperlink to their website located on the WWW at NoButts.com. Note: the No Butts Bin Company makes external ashtrays and smoking shelters. [28 February 2003]

It would be easy (and nothing's easy) to write multiple litter stories everyday. Can litter be turned into gold? Today I had to write a litter story about one small cigarette butt. [21 February 2003]

AzLitter.org honored Presidents' Day by returning to the Tom Mix Memorial to pick-up litter. A Litter Alert for the Tom Mix Memorial was posted to AzLitter.org on 13 January 2003. The Litter Patrol picked-up two bags of litter at the entrance to the Pinal Pioneer Parkway and three bags at the Tom Mix Memorial. Another Litter Alert has been logged for the Matthew B. Juan and Ira H. Hayes Veterans Memorial Park located in Sacaton. More... [17 February 2003]

During the summer of 2002, a friend and I were visiting the Tempe Town Lake and we observed that micro-litter (mostly in the form of cigarette butts) was starting to become a problem. This caused us to ponder the idea of an Adopt-A-Park program where citizens assume responsibility for helping keep city parks free of litter. Since Tempe Town Lake was (and still is) relatively new, it was (and still is) relatively clean; therefore, we felt this would be a good park to adopt because it could be cleaned in a short period of time and then maintained.

Today the Arizona Republic ran an article about the City of Tempe along with Arizona Clean and Beautiful starting an Adopt-the-Lake program. Excellent idea. The program begins on Saturday, 05 April 2003 with a "trash pickup event." [08 February 2003]

Hidden litter is a problem that goes un-noticed by many. The campus at Scottsdale Community College is beautiful and relatively Free of litter, but it does suffer from hidden litter. [07 February 2003]

Today, Wednesday, 29 January 2003, I will be meeting with students from Student Life and Leadership at SCC to continue discussing the formation of an Artie Artichoke Litter Patrol. [29 January 2003]

Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano, wants to cut the transportation budget. If this budget cut is implemented, then it will mean fewer dollars allocated to litter pick-up. The need for Litter Patrol activities may never go away. Many of our state's budget problems can be solved by technology; however, these days, this does not hold true for litter. (In the future, we may have Litter Patrol robots.) [16 January 2003]

A recent visit to the Tom Mix Memorial located along AZ Hwy-79 south of Florence resulted in the need to raise a Litter Alert. Although the Tom Mix Memorial is cleaner than most places, it is not free of litter. [13 January 2003]

As of Sunday, 05 January 2002, a Google search for the query string tempe adopt street brings up this AzLitter.org webpage. The City of Tempe needs to add an Adopt-A-Street section to the Tempe.gov website. [05 January 2003]

On Saturday, 04 January 2003, AzLitter.org assisted the Chandler Community Court in a Litter Patrol that picked-up 79 bags of litter. We picked-up a total of eight miles of road: Chandler Heights Road (both sides) between McQueen Road and Gilbert Road (MapQuest.com::map); and Lindsay Road (both sides) between Riggs Road and Ocotillo Road ( MapQuest.com::map). [04 January 2003]

The Arizona Republic has concluded their nine month editorial series on Arizona's litter problem. I am at a loss as to why they would stop publishing the editorials because our litter problem is worse than ever. I sent the following Letter to the Editor to the Arizona Republic and they printed it on Thursday, 02 January 2004.

   I want to extend a Thank You to the Arizona Republic 
   for running your series of editorials about litter.

   I would like to request that you continue running the 
   editorials -- why stop now?  

   There is going to be more and more litter stories 
   happening and it would be nice if the Arizona Republic 
   stayed committed to writing about them.

   Litter will never go away, but I'm convinced
   that our litter problem can be minimized.  

The Editor added the following note to my posting.

   "Although the series of editorials on litter ended
   last Sunday, The Republic's Editorial page will
   periodically weigh in on the issue, which drew
   hundreds of letters from readers concerned about
   trash on our roadways and elsewhere."
[02 January 2003]

AzLitter.org and USLitter.org are Happy to have received an email message from the Canada Litter King. [28 December 2002]

Thank You to the Arizona Republic for publishing the Sunday, 08 December 2002, Supersizing litter Editorial. The editorial argues that fast-food establishments could be a big help in solving our litter problem. The editorial prompted this AzLitter.org reply. [09 December 2002]

The election has been over for a long time, but I am still seeing the remains of political signs. How long will they last? AzLitter.org still has to write a post-election note (with pictures) about political signs. The next step would be to try to get them made illegal (at least in Tempe). But at this point and time I have to delegate political signs to the bottom of my priority list. [07 December 2002]

Today, Saturday, 07 December 2002, the Chandler Community Court picked up a lot of litter. The effort took place in Apache Junction along Hwy US-60. We experienced a fantastic sunrise on our ride to our stretch of highway. I consider it a honor to work US-60. Thank You to Arizona Clean and Beautiful for providing us the opportunity to pick-up litter. [07 December 2002]

A couple weeks ago the Chandler Community Court picked-up litter at the new San Tan Regional Park (it also helped park vehicles and greeted visitors). The most popular form of litter at the San Tan (which is clean) are bullet casings. [07 December 2002]

AzLitter.org has requested it be inscribed on a donor brick in Winslow, Arizona. [23 November 2002]

The AzLitter.org adoption of Price Road from Baseline to Guadalupe (in Tempe) has become official now that the sign has been installed. Here are street and sign pictures. [18 November 2002]

On Monday, 11 November 2002, the USLitter Patrol visited the Tamarisk Shoe Tree located in the southwest deserts of California. Interestingly, litter from Arizona (in the form of a political sign) had been left at the tree ( close up view). Here is a write-up about USLitter.org's visit to Blythe, Tamarisk Shoe Tree and Rice, California.

On the way home, AzLitter.org issued a Litter Alert for I-10 and Ave 75E. [12 November 2002]

Today [Friday, 08 November 2002] the editors of the Arizona Republic published an editorial titled "Speaking of litter... Campaign is over and those signs can come down now." AzLitter.org says Thank You to the Arizona Republic for calling political signs what they are -- litter.

The Litter Patrol had to abort this AM's litter pick-up due to encountering numerous political signs that were either illegally placed or playing the role of litter [scroll down to the next posting]. The Litter Patrol went out this afternoon and near the end of its outing it encountered a J.D. Hayworth supporter taking down a J.D. Hayworth political sign. I want to extend a Thank You to Hayworth for taking down his political signs in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, I had words the person who was taking down the sign because he was going to leave behind, on Mother Earth, the plastic clippings that were used to attach the political sign to its respective poles. I picked-up the clippings while he was wrestling at getting the poles out of the ground. I don't understand why he did not consider these clippings to be litter. [06 November 2002]

The 2002 election is over, but political signs continue to litter our land. The Queen of political signs (Craperek) lost her race and deservedly so given how she ruthlessly subjected us to a never ending barrage of visual spam and litter. [She even littered the door knob of the house I live in.] The King of political signs (Flopson) won his race. The Litter Patrol went for a short (very short) walk the day after after the election and immediately encountered a mess of litter caused by political signs. [06 November 2002]

AzLitter.org is excited about joining the Tempe Adopt-A-Street program. I am seeing more and more Adopt-A-Street signs in around the City of Tempe and this is a good thing. AzLitter.org has adopted the west-side of south-bound Price Road between Baseline to Guadalupe. I want to say Thank You to the City of Tempe for supporting an Adopt-A-Street program. [30 October 2002]

Litter Here, Litter There, Litter Everywhere is the motto for USLitter.org and it is especially true here in Arizona. Here is a story about litter found in a crack on a bridge. [26 October 2002]

The Valley of the Sun weather has turned cool and as a result more dogs are being taken for walks. Everyone poops and this includes dogs. [26 October 2002]

On Thursday, 24 October 2002, AzLitter.org met with the Student Life and Leadership organization at Scottsdale Community College about starting an Adopt-A-Campus chapter called the Artie Artichoke Litter Patrol.

Does Fry's Marketplace endorse Baloney (oops... Mahoney) for governor? If Mahoney's political sign is on Fry's property, then I can see how people would draw that conclusion. On Tuesday, 22 October 2002, the Litter Patrol went to Fry's to take a picture of a political sign that may or may not be on Fry's property (the Fry's manager doesn't know). Here is a short story about the outing.

On Saturday, 19 October 2002, AzLitter.org helped ArizonaCleanAndBeautiful.org pick-up litter along the Salt River. Here is a directory listing of pictures.

Political signs continue to litter the city of Tempe in a major way. The visual spam on the SW corner of Southern and McClintock is amazing. With email, filters can be used to get rid of spam, but how do we filter the visual spam caused by political signs? Quick answer: We can't. Removing or destroying political signs are criminal activities; in fact, some politicians would consider political sign clean-up a terrorist activity. Anyway, the purpose of this posting is to prove that the south-west corner of Southern and McClintock is full of litter thanks to political signs.

I like that Tempe allows the 'A' on Hayden Butte to be painted. I wonder what color the 'A' is today? On 11 September 2002, the 'A' was painted red, white and blue. The next day I visited 'A' mountain to take pictures of the patriotically painted 'A'. I took numerous pictures of Tempe. Sadly, the top of 'A' mountain had a litter problem.

Mesa politicians complained about their political signs being vandalized. I have a simple solution: take them down. For some reason vandalizing a political sign is a crime. How can you vandalize litter? I was glad to see somebody decided to give Kraperek a new look. [Kraperek is the Queen of political sign litter.]

AzLitter.org is attempting to Adopt-A-Street in Tempe. Adopt-A-Street information can be obtained by calling Larry at 480.350.8860. If you want to Adopt-A-Street in Phoenix, then call Barb at 602.262.4980.

AzLitter.org has awarded Laura Craperek the title of Queen of Political Sign Litter for her creative abilities at finding spots to stick her disgusting political signs.

The Litter Patrol celebrated Labor Day 2002 picking up litter.

I encountered a parked garbage truck that had litter in front of it and behind it. I asked myself the question... will the garbage man pick the litter up?

A 533 mile road trip to northern Arizona was full of scenic views, but a lot of them contained litter. There was not enough time to take pictures of all the litter encountered, but I did manage to take a handful of pictures.

On Monday, 12 August 2002, I picked up the north-side of Guadalupe from Price west to McClintock. I encountered 15 AOL CD-ROMs (2 were shattered). For the most part this one mile stretch of road was not bad. I returned home along the south-side of Guadalupe, but it was noon (hot) and I was too tired to pick stuff up. The south-side of the street needs the Litter Patrol.

I'm not going out looking for this stuff, but... now the mountains (hills) of Tempe are being littered by political signs. Political signs are visual spam. [Note: spam is spelled in lower-case at the request of Hormel Corporation. SPAM written is all uppercase refers to the Hormel food product.]

Here a butt, there a butt, everywhere a cigarette butt.

The politicians in this state just keep littering and littering and littering. Legal or illegal it doesn't matter: Political signs are litter.

A new building is going up on the north side of Guadalupe Road just east of McClintock in Tempe. Here is a short story about how that new building is generating litter.

Within the City of Tempe, some politician signs are legal and some are not. Regardless of their legal-ness, all politician signs are litter.

A trip to downtown Phoenix to see what the litter was like around the Arizona Republic turns out to be fun. For the most part, the Arizona Republic was clean.

Although I don't think this is an answer, a non-profit group called Arizona Clean and Beautiful has setup a hot-line that can be used to report (i.e. tattle-tale) on those who litter. The hot-line number is 602.712.4683 (statewide 877.354.8837). [calling a hot-line like this is similar to being a TIPSter]

I'm thinking of taking a road trip and all I'll do is take pictures of litter raping Mother Nature. I already have a bunch of road trip pictures with litter in them, but I need to group them together. Here is an example (see bottom left corner)

The Arizona Republic is running a series of editorials about the causes of litter and how to fight it. You can read the series at http://ArizonaRepublic.com/trash/.

Ben Franklin once said that "the money that makes money makes more money." Here is a litterized version of his quote.

The litter that makes litter makes more litter.
Example. A beer bottle is a piece of litter that needs to be disposed of (either thrown away or re-cycled). In some cases the beer bottle is disposed by tossing in to Mother Nature. When this happens, the beer bottle becomes "official" litter that somebody has to pick-up. In some cases, when the beer bottle is tossed, it shatters when it hits the ground. Now there are multiple pieces of litter requiring picking-up. Picking-up broken glass is not fun. [ example picture]

Cigarettes are the most littered item in America.
Cigarette butts take decades to degrade.
How do we know this?
Thanks to CigaretteLitter.org.

Budweiser is the King of Beer Litter
I pickup more Bud cans and bottles than any other beer.

Gerald D. Thurman
Tempe, Arizona