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AzFoo (gdt) is a member of the LongNow Foundation and he uses 5-digit years. AzFoo wants to be a futurist when he never grows up.

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Notes for most recent talks...
Approaching Infinite Computing; 10^18 in 2018? [#ScienceCafeOfSouthScottsdale; 6 May 02013]
Learning About the Future in 50 Minutes [#AzSciTechFest 24 Feb 02012; 20 Apr 02012; 14 Feb 02013; 19 Feb 02013]
Women in Computing [#AdaLovelaceDay 20-minute talk on 16 Oct 02012; 26 Feb 02013]
Approaching Infinite Computing [#ExascaleDay 20-minute talk on 18 Oct 02012 (10^18)]
Equationeering With BARS [#MathRoadTripTheme 20-minute talk on 12 Feb 02013]

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What is foo? A foo is a small piece of information (usually of a personal nature) that is of little or no importance. [RFC 3092::Etymology of Foo]

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